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The Live Minder Connect Business Network is a referral-based, lead generation network with a very unique approach.

Live Minder Connect focuses on two things:

  1. What you need from a business network to be profitable, and
  2. What consumers require from you in order to make purchases and buying decisions.

For The Consumer: When it comes to buying decisions, the biggest concern of buyers is trust. Are this a legitimate business? Can they be trusted? Do you provide support if I buy? Are the prices fair? What if something goes wrong with the product or service?

For You: While others have subscribed to the concept of creating profiles, finding "friends" and leaving you to do your own promotion with a link and email to members, Live Minder Connect is very serious about your success.

We create your profile for you, based on market research to maximize response rates and engage visitors. Then we actively promote your business across the Internet with a wide range of marketing services, and have access to consultation, research and analysis.

To be contacted by a representative, or for more information, please fill out the form below and click "Register," or call 919-576-9255.

"Connect" Business Network

Search the Live Minder "Connect" network for your service needs. All members have verified customer approval ratings.

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