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When NAI Michael first approached Live Minder near the end of May of 2011, their main concern and need was a stronger web presence and traffic diversification. They had a poor search engine presence, and the only keywords that yielded results was the company name, "NAI Michael." The only engine that they appeared in was Google. Live Minder was tasked with creating a successful online presence which would increase visibility, traffic, and expand search engine results.

Live Minder conducted an in-depth market research and trend analysis for commercial real estate market and ws able to identify market interest and trends associated with, and based on their business model in sales, leasing, and property management. Trend Analysis research went back 10 years identifying growing trends, and conducted additional research by actively engaging communities and groups to gain current feedback and interest. For search engine trends, Live Minder researched and analyzed histories in Google, Bing, and Yahoo specifically to identify what people are actually typing into searches, and to determine what problems and issues that were solved by NAI Michael.

Once the research and analysis information was ready, Live Minder performed a detailed website analysis of, and during consultation, made recommendations to adjust their content to reflect the market and trend conditions, as well as additional changes and updates pertaining so Search Engine Optimization.

Live Minder then created an online profile (including a new domain name and building a custom website), based on specific keywords identified as responsive by the research. Through consultation, appropriate changes were made to their website to better match the current market environment.

After the changes were live, the strategy Live Minder applied was to first identify and preserve the "good" traffic, remove the "bad" traffic; then dig deep into their most responsive markets by targeting several niches in the real estate industry. The goal being to replace the bad traffic with the good traffic.

Using the Traffic Pack, Live Minder started driving massive amounts of traffic from several areas of the real estate market. This was done to help identify "good" traffic, where users are active and responsive to the content published by

Once those areas were identified, Live Minder created an online marketing campaign to target only the good traffic, ignoring the rest; We then created and applied custom solutions which included social media, local marketing, search engine submissions and more.

In the few short months that NAI Michael has been a client, Live Minder has continued to see lower bounce rates (that is the percentage of people that leave only after 1 page view), higher interest, more leads, quality traffic, search engine results, and higher sales, as reported and confirmed by NAI Michael executives.

The following report charts the weekly growth of NAI Michael Companies from May 2011 (the month before beginning marketing), and shows the progress of Live Minder marketing from June through December of 2011.

Download: Google Analytics Dashboard Report.

The timeline will show steady growth. In May of 2011, the average traffic bottomed out at 20 visits, spiked at 274 visits, and averaged out at 172 visits.

During the month of June, there was a mass rise in traffic (reflecting the strategy of driving mass traffic). The three months that followed, (July, August and September), is where the strategy of replacing bad traffic for good traffic occured. Note that the low traffic point of 180 visits is slightly higher than prior average visits (172), and significantly higher than the prior low (20).

At the end of September and through December, the goal was to build on the new traffic base and expand the market and the time chart reflects that increase in growth.

That is the overview of visits. Let's take a look at the quality of the traffic by charting growth of the traffic while under Live Minder.

This report is a comparison of the first full month of Live Minder marketing (July) and the last full month (December) of 2011.

Download: Google Analytics Dashboard Report.

While Pages per Visit is down almost 3%, the quality of the traffic is greatly improved. Here is a brief summary.

  • Visits are up 14.54%
  • Pageviews are up 11.22%
  • Bounce Rates are down 2.90%
  • Average Time on Site are up 20.15%
  • New Visits are up 6.54%

Not only has the quality of traffic increased, but the diversification of the traffic has increased as well. 60.39% of traffic came from search engines, (up from 44% in July).

Do you need effective and low cost online marketing solutions for your Real Estate business? Click here how to download a free strategy guide.

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